I have been working as a ceramist with my own studio in Stockholm since 1992. The artistic dimension has always been important in my production. In recent years, I have mainly worked sculpturally with wall reliefs in white concrete for homes and public settings.

I strive for purity in the expression that borders on the abstract. The motifs are meditative – time and perception are central to the experience. Sources of inspiration are nature, haikus, zen-philosophy and, more recently, architectural form.

In the creative process, I am seeking the basic forms. By reducing elements, I find the way to what is signifcant. The interaction between light and shadow is an important part of the works. 

In today's connected society, people are assumed to be constantly communicative and extrovert. My reliefs convey an opposite approach. All parts of the image are equally important – even the empty ones. I want to create a mental space, a glade in time, where you can be truly present.

To become one with a vision, look again and feel.